How It All Began
Friends, Lovers or Nothing

The year was 2006. It was the year Justin Timberlake brought Sexy Back. It was the year Facebook opened up to the masses. And it was the year that Kristin and Paul both started college after much reluctance, an infinite fear of change and many tears (mainly Kristin).

They began their first days at Iona College on the honors floor in North Hall in suites 32 and 35 right down the hall from each other. On day one of classes, Kristin entered a room in Murphy Center for her first college class, heart pounding and most likely profusely sweating. As she scanned the room looking for somewhere to sit, she noticed a familiar face from her floor meeting and immediately sat in front of him to put herself at ease. As Professor Michael Jordan droned on, he stroked his long gray beard and continuously propped his leg up on any empty desk in view, and before she knew it class was over. As everyone got up from their desks, Kristin frantically looked at her schedule and realized she didn't know where her next class was located. Without hesitation, she spun around in her seat, looked at her classmate, and asked if he was also on his way to Humanities class and if he knew where he was going. As luck would have it, her classmate was Paul, and upon finding out they were in the same class, she frantically said "I'm following you!" And follow him, she did (insert Gilmore Girls theme song?). Paul, who admittedly was intimidated by the fact that Kristin was a cheerleader, refused to walk next to her. Instead, Paul speed walked across campus head down hood up and hands in pockets, with Kristin scurrying behind him like a lost puppy dog.

Fast Forward to later that week in English Class. The first assignment on day one was of the interview genre. Each student was paired up with another to get to know each other and to in turn write an essay all about their new peer. Kristin and Paul were paired up, and spent the next 45-ish minutes asking each other questions, sharing personal details about their lives, and bonding over Boy Meets World. Mr. Feeny had engraved in their minds that "friendship is a real gift", and for the next three and a half years, Kristin and Paul were granted the greatest gift and remained best friends (they even made it to each other's My Space Top 8!)

For more than three years, there were many naps, all-nighters, panic attacks, parties, etc. Paul was the one person that Kristin told everything to and vice versa. Very little nights would go by where they would come home from a night out and wouldn't recap the entirety of the evening to each other over Facebook messages. They went from living down the hall from each other in the dorms to living on the same street. They made a pact that if they weren't married by the time they were 30, that they would marry each other, and they planned to have a Christmas wedding.

Kristin finally realized her true feelings for Paul senior year. From her 21st birthday until the second semester, the struggle was real. Kristin and Paul struggled with clearly wanting to be more than friends, but with being scared that they would ruin their friendship. John Mayer said it best: Friends, Lovers or Nothing. It wasn't until after Spring Break that they took the plunge and things became official…and the rest is history.